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Brownie's Third Lung

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Hookah Regulators

Hookah Regulators * Proven performance of traditional demand regulator mechanism.

* Compact size, small internal volume for easy clearing

* Light-weight, impact-resistant composite materials

* Full exhaust tee to direct bubbles away from your line of vision

* Extended mouthpiece requires less clamping effort; reducing jaw fatigue. (Can be trimmed to fit smaller mouths)

Brownie's new regulator design allows the hose to lay cleanly next to the diver's body for a more effiecient and streamlined profile in the water. The regulator hose is routed from the Drop Weight Cummerbelt™ around the diver's waist to the underside of the regulator. This allows an unrestricted range of motion, less jaw fatigue and a reduced chance of hose snags.

Hookah Second Stage

Hookah Second Stage with 40" hose

Third Lung Divers Flag

Intake Staff, Flag, Drip Cap

* Drip cap machined out of solid piece of delrin

* Completely keeps oversprayed water out of compressor head

* Diver's Down flag is legal size

* 30" staff keeps flag in an area of greater visibility & ensures compressor a fresh supply of air.

Storage Case

# HDPE-High Density Polyethylene
# More impact resistant than fiberglass
# UV resistant - won't fade
# Deep bottom pan keeps center of gravity low in tube
# Can be carried by top strap or by hand holds

Storage Case

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