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Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 2021

Brownie's YachtDiver™ was at the 2021 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show October 27 - 31. That year Brownie's YachtDiver™ was in the Booth #26 Entrance Tent at the Bahia Mar and Booth 750 (new location) in the Yacht Builders Tent. See the 3 man U-boat Worx submarine at the Show. Freestyle Cruisers water slides, Seabob Scooters, Deep Trekker ROV's and all your favorite dive gear including Brownie's Third Lung Sea Lion with up to 3 hours Battery Supplied Diving. New for 2021, is the Yamaha Jet Pod Pro, a compact and affordable scooter, BLU3 Nomad hookah system developed for a light weight, maximum 30 foot diving and Shearwater Dive Computers.

2021 Main Entrance Tent, Bahia Mar
Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

2021 Main Entrance Tent, Bahia Mar
Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

Yamaha Jet Pod Pro Scooter

New for Brownie's YachtDiver™ is the Jet Pod Pro Scooter from Yamaha providing a light weight and affordable Dive Scooter. See more info for the Jet Pod Pro Scooter on the Brownie's YachtDiver™ web site.

New for Brownie's YachtDiver™ is the Nomad Hookah System for personal/recreational hookah diving. Easy to transport in a back pack for quick assembly and diving.

New for Brownie's YachtDiver™ is the Shearwater Dive Computers for diving. See the latest in reliable dive computers for every diving application.

U-boat Worx Submarines
U-boat Worx Submarines

Brownie's YachtDiver™ will have a 3-man U-Boat Worx sub on display at the Show in the Superyacht Pavillion. Stop by and check it out.

U-Boat Worx C-Explorer

Interactive 360-degrees dive on Super Yacht Sub 3

More U-boat Worx Submarines info.

Yamaha Seawing II

Yamaha Seawing II- Fast Scooter
Yamaha Seawing II- Fast Scooter

At Fort Lauderdale Boat Show is the Yamaha Seawing II sea scooter. Get a faster and longer ride and dive time with the Yamaha Seawing II.

Dive or Snorkel with the Yamaha Seawing II

BLU3 Nemo

BLU3 Nemo is a light weight system that travels in the Nemo backpack for easy travel and quick deployment. Come see Nemo at the Boat Show!

BLU3 - Nemo

Always a Favorite! - Sea Lion Third Lung
Brownies Sea Lion Hookah

Brownie's YachtDiver™ is very enthusiastic about a new product and the latest development for Brownie's Third Lung- Sea Lion. Finally, a battery operated Third Lung which runs for up to three hours before charging or a swap-out is needed! Read and see more on the Sea Lion page.

Yamaha Seascooters- Pro 500Li

Yamaha Seascooters
Scuba Dive with Yamaha Seascooters

Freestyle Water Slides will be with Brownie's YachtDiver™ in the Super Yacht Tent to answer all your questions about their inflatable water slides for your yacht. These slides are built in custom colors to match your yacht and logo.

Inflatable Yacht Water Slide

Seabob F5 S Scooter
Seabob F5 S Scooter

Brownie's YachtDiver™ had the newest in scooters, the Seabob F5 S. If you want as much fun on as well as below the water, check out the new Seabob F5 S Scooters. Lighter and faster, everybody loves the new Seabobs. German engineering is the key to these high quality fun machines.

Seabob Scooter Action!